06 August 2011


care for a reunion fear fellow ex-Dlinkers?

23 July 2008

Well said!

Bottles were popped
Toasts we made
Who would have thought that Dlink would get played
Emotions were mixed as though we were all jinxed
Who knew true friendship would show its ugly head
Loyalty and Gratitude is as good as dead
Years of fellowship and hardships we felt
Some how there were some people left
United we stand divided we fall
Its a mystery how some didnt get the call
Its the end of the era ...wer are now expired
RIP Dlink...it was good while it lasted


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22 July 2008

and another from Donovan

The game is almost over
Leaves everyone with a poser
What happens when we lose the power and become anothers soldier
Needing to fight a new battle, needing to put the pedal to the metal
Feeling of uncertainty , creeps within
Taking some of us for a ghastly spin
MS T2 is what its called
Damn I sure hope we dont get conned
Just like Harold when he hit the bong
I aint a free thinker, netiher am i a backstabber
So before you put your hand into anyones business
Think twice and be precise cause you wouldnt want Dlinkers to put you on Ice...

The deal is done
Our fate is sealed
To whom are we now going to plead
As approach the final day
Days of glory is now some others story
For now we must continue to strife
With unknown forces who look like corpses
To those who manage to gain freedom
May God Bless you all ,make sure you dont forget us all
For those who are now carrying on the battle
Always remember imagination is better than knowledge
Just makesure at T2 u dont end up eating porridge....

a lil something something from Donovan


i aint a smoker i aint a drinker
but im soon to be an ex-dlinker
as much as it is hard swallow
everyone has to go down a road thats narrow
so thats how the cookie crumbles
just like a customers grumble
friends were made, friends were lost
wolf in sheeps clothing they say
who knew there was a needle under the hay
as we approach that final day
its only memories that will stay
in God we trust, do what He may
Lets pray that we all get better pay..